Blazing a Trail in Teaching

An Inside Look Into the Teaching Program at UAB



#New Teacher Problems

Have you ever been excited and scared at the same time? Well that’s me at this very moment. Picture a blank canvas. Except this blank canvas is huge, and it has four walls. And it makes me slightly terrified. So... Continue Reading →


Identity Crisis

To start, my name is pronounced  TAN-E-SHEE-UH , not TAN-E-SHUH. Since the beginning of my existence, my name has been butchered all over the place. I’ve never made a huge deal out of it, but my name is a part... Continue Reading →

Happy Monday!

Let’s face it, Mondays can be a pain. The start of the week brings on new tasks to complete and new challenges to tackle.  At the moment, I have an immense amount of anxiety about my first week of actual... Continue Reading →

Tips For Organizing Your DIP

Ped 1 students! Are you stressing about how you're going to get all of those assessments and lessons done during your field experience? Relax! It is not an impossible task! I'll admit that not all of my plans turn out the way... Continue Reading →

Tanishia’s Top Ten Tips For Surviving The Field

Come prepared to do your best work everyday! Make sure you have everything you need before you leave home (better yet, the night before). Play out your lessons before entering the classroom to ease your nervousness. Get to school early.... Continue Reading →

Learn Something New Everyday

We have all heard the saying “You learn something new everyday!” right? Well this saying has never been more true in my life than this semester as I complete my student teaching. Each day I walk through the doors of... Continue Reading →

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