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Tanishia Sims

Hello everyone! I am an Early Childhood and Elementary Education major at UAB, currently in my second semester of TEP. I was born and raised in Memphis, TN but since being in Birmingham, it has become my home away from home. When I am not busy with school work, you can find me roaming Birmingham for new places to eat with friends or singing for a church choir in Five Points South. Being in the education program has taught me a lot about children and even more about myself! In the near future, I hope to become the kind of teacher that values her students and sticks to her beliefs!

#New Teacher Problems

Have you ever been excited and scared at the same time? Well that’s me at this very moment. Picture a blank canvas. Except this blank canvas is huge, and it has four walls. And it makes me slightly terrified. So... Continue Reading →


Worry About You

In the year and a half that I have been in the education program, I've grown most rapidly in student teaching. There’s something about taking on all of this responsibility that makes you shape up and say “Hey, this is... Continue Reading →

Identity Crisis

To start, my name is pronounced  TAN-E-SHEE-UH , not TAN-E-SHUH. Since the beginning of my existence, my name has been butchered all over the place. I’ve never made a huge deal out of it, but my name is a part... Continue Reading →

It’s a Mystery.

It’s a mystery. Actually it's not really a mystery. I'm pretty sure teachers have superpowers. Over the past few weeks, I have been standing on the side of struggle street. Seriously. I've been trying to get my life together, only... Continue Reading →

Take Care of Yourself!

Hello Everyone! I hope you got a great start to your week! I wanted to leave a reminder about the importance of taking care of yourself! Germs have really been out to play these past few weeks, and a few... Continue Reading →

Happy Monday!

Let’s face it, Mondays can be a pain. The start of the week brings on new tasks to complete and new challenges to tackle.  At the moment, I have an immense amount of anxiety about my first week of actual... Continue Reading →

Teachable Moments: When Kids Get Random

In my last post, I stressed the importance of being a reflective pre-service teacher. Today, I thought I would share a memorable moment I had this week during my read aloud. There was a bit of a plot the... Continue Reading →

Be Reflective!

Question. What does it mean to be a reflective teacher? Is it even worth your time? If you are currently taking pedagogy courses, I'm sure that you have pretty much become an expert at this. Teaching is the perfect profession to... Continue Reading →

You’ve Got This!

Usually, I have a crazy amount of anxiety on my first day in the field. I have to give myself a serious pep talk before I enter the school building. I worry if I'll be confident enough to face a group of kids and work with... Continue Reading →

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