Have you ever been excited and scared at the same time? Well that’s me at this very moment. Picture a blank canvas. Except this blank canvas is huge, and it has four walls. And it makes me slightly terrified. So I landed this new teaching job that I’m super excited about, and I have to get everything I need for my classroom before August. Piece of cake right? Wrong. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING! Do all new teachers feel this way? I can’t possibly be the only one. Are we just supposed to walk into a classroom and automatically know what to do? Veteran teachers make it look so easy! I think about the million books I need for my classroom, all the organization supplies and charts and sticky tape, and …stuff, and I realize that I will probably be very broke and slightly overwhelmed in the end. How do new teachers get their lives together in this short amount of time and still keep their sanity? I’m not quite sure where my life is going to take me in the next year, but I think I’ll be ready for the journey once I take a deep breath and get myself together. To anyone who landed a teaching job after graduation, congrats! You totally earned it! Here’s a few tips that I have been trying to live by just to make it through the summer.

  1. Breathe, then breathe again… and again. We won’t survive this if we hold our breath!
  2. Start thinking about what you want your classroom to look like right away, but don’t make yourself go crazy thinking about it. Try sketching out what you might want it to look like and make a list of the things you may need.
  3. Take it day by day! Get what you need for August and continue to build on your classroom even after school starts!
  4. Budget!!! I love children’s books, and my bank account was beginning to show it after I went a little crazy at 2nd and Charles. Figure out how much money you have to spend on your classroom, and spend wisely!
  5. Research! I will admit that Pinterest has become an addiction for me since landing a job. (Who am I kidding, it’s always been an addiction.) They have so many tips on organizing your classroom!
  6. Ask questions and ask for help! Don’t be afraid to seek advice from teachers and coaches who have it way more together than you do.
  7. Always have a plan B! Things may not always go as planned!
  8. “Be where your feet are.” Don’t overwhelm yourself and forget about the rest of your life!

It’s going to be an awesome year! Just don’t freak out!