In the year and a half that I have been in the education program, I’ve grown most rapidly in student teaching. There’s something about taking on all of this responsibility that makes you shape up and say “Hey, this is going to be my job one day. Let’s get super serious about this.” During these past few weeks, I’ve learned so much, and I thought I would share something I’ve been living by this semester as a student teacher. Three words…

worry about you.

I hear my cooperating teacher say this phrase to our students all the time for tattling on others, but I found myself applying this to my own life. Student teaching has placed a TON of responsibility on me. From edTPA to just teaching in general, I could get super side tracked on worrying about what everyone else is doing. I’ve kind of  put myself in a bubble this semester, and it has worked out for the better.  I’m nearing the end of my college journey, and I’ve got a whole world out there to take on when I graduate.  I’ve got to be ready for it, so my complete focus has been on me and only me! I’m imparting just a sprinkle of student teaching wisdom on to anyone who will offer to take my advice! Don’t worry about who finishes an assignment before you or how other’s are spending their time in the education program. Don’t get sidetracked from what you should be doing in your own world, because those people you worry about won’t be giving you a job when you need one. Worry less about how your peers are getting ahead in life, and put more focus on your own success. Worry about how you can better yourself as a future teacher, and you will discover just how capable you are at being amazing at it.