Question. What does it mean to be a reflective teacher? Is it even worth your time? If you are currently taking pedagogy courses, I’m sure that you have pretty much become an expert at this. Teaching is the perfect profession to reflect on your practice. It is especially important that we as aspiring teachers reflect on every experience we have, because we are constantly working to build our knowledge of the teaching profession. Every experience we have will influence how we are as teachers, so we should hold on to every moment! For those in the field, don’t forget experiences you have while observing the teacher, interacting with students, and teaching your own lessons. In case you were wondering, it is definitely not a bad idea to get these reflections out on paper! I find it especially helpful to look back at my lesson reflections while working on a similar lesson to figure out what worked and what didn’t. If you are currently in the field, I hope this post will influence you to reflect on every moment in these short five weeks. Every moment of our lives should be a piece to reflect on. Trust me, it is definitely worth your time.