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November 2016

Take Care of Yourself!

Hello Everyone! I hope you got a great start to your week! I wanted to leave a reminder about the importance of taking care of yourself! Germs have really been out to play these past few weeks, and a few... Continue Reading →


Happy Monday!

Let’s face it, Mondays can be a pain. The start of the week brings on new tasks to complete and new challenges to tackle.  At the moment, I have an immense amount of anxiety about my first week of actual... Continue Reading →

Teachable Moments: When Kids Get Random

In my last post, I stressed the importance of being a reflective pre-service teacher. Today, I thought I would share a memorable moment I had this week during my read aloud. There was a bit of a plot the... Continue Reading →

Be Reflective!

Question. What does it mean to be a reflective teacher? Is it even worth your time? If you are currently taking pedagogy courses, I'm sure that you have pretty much become an expert at this. Teaching is the perfect profession to... Continue Reading →

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