1. Come prepared to do your best work everyday! Make sure you have everything you need before you leave home (better yet, the night before). Play out your lessons before entering the classroom to ease your nervousness.
  2. Get to school early. Why? Because it’s the professional thing to do! Don’t be that pre-service teacher that “over-sleeps” and gets to school 30 minutes late. If the teacher provides a time for you to get to their class, make a note to get there at least 10 minutes earlier.
  3. Get to know your students. Learn their names, favorite things, dislikes, reading behavior etc. We are in the field to learn from students, so get in there and join the classroom community!
  4. Get your teacher’s feedback on your lessons! Hearing what they have to say about your lessons will help to strengthen your relationship with them and prepare you for your graded observations.
  5. Pay attention to your teacher’s classroom management strategies. During my Ped 1 field experience, I picked up on lot of my cooperating teacher’s management strategies. It helped my lessons go so much smoother!
  6. Eat lunch with your students! You will develop a much closer relationship with them and learn things that they probably wouldn’t share in the classroom!
  7. Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher questions about their classroom. Your cooperating teacher will have a lot of information to offer you. Take advantage of it while you can!
  8. Don’t be a fly on the wall. When students are doing independent or group work, don’t sit in a corner! Walk around and learn from student work.
  9. Don’t be cocky. We have learned a lot of really awesome things in our pedagogy courses, but we aren’t teachers yet! We still have much to learn, and we should always be respectful of another teacher’s practices.
  10. Have Fun! Take a deep breath and give this field experience your all! Get ready to learn a TON and make some really great relationships!