I think a lot of us have or are currently experiencing the struggle of that little devil called procrastination. Trust me, I know it all too well. You get home from a long day of class and you’re like, “I’m going to take a short break before doing homework and grab a bite to eat.” Okay cool, that’s understandable because we all get hungry right? Then you’re like, “Oh I forgot I needed to go pick up something from Walmart. I’ll go do that, and then I’ll get started on my homework.” Hmmm…that could wait until tomorrow, but maybe you’ll be super busy then so I guess it’s okay. THEN, there’s that show on TV that you’ve been faithfully watching and tonight is the season finale…that’s an hour long. Then you tell yourself, “I’ll just work on this homework while the show is going on.” Once that awesome season finale ends, you look down at your work and realize that you have done absolutely nothing. I’ve been there! If you have experienced similar symptoms, the first step is just to admit that you have a problem!  I think that as I entered TEP, I began to realize how much of a problem it really was. If you are like me, procrastination can be a real pain amongst all of the assignments that we have to do over the semester. I thought I would provide a few tips that I’ve actually considered for myself to combat procrastination. Hang in there guys!

1. Figure out what your priorities are. Try getting things done in order of importance or due date. Try making a to-do list to keep track of everything you need to get done.

2. Work in a productive environment. Choose a place that you know you will get work done without distraction. The school library is a great option!

3. Put your phone down! While getting work done, put your phone on silent and out of sight. If you absolutely have to periodically check your phone (like me) set an alarm for certain increments of time. (ex. Set an alarm every hour to check your phone and give your self only 5-10 minutes to do what you need to do.)

4. Control your social media! I don’t think I could handle having it completely off of my phone, but if you can then that’s awesome! I just lessened my use of social media by turning off my notifications. If I don’t see who commented on my picture on Facebook, I don’t think about it.