Everyone in TEP knows what this book is, but I honestly feel that it has become much more valuable to me now that I am in Pedagogy 2. If you haven’t dug into this book the way you should, do yourself a favor and actually read and apply the information! What helped me really understand this book was actually trying out the tips in my own personal reading. It helped me see that I was not comprehending texts the way I thought I was! (Hence my difficulty to comprehend all the readings in Ped 1) If you are currently in Pedagogy 1, don’t sleep on this book!  READ IT! I leave you with seven reasons why 7 Keys to Comprehension will save your life in TEP:

  1. It will improve your personal comprehension.
  2. It will help you to see what students might be missing in their comprehension.
  3. It gives great recommendations for books to use in each type of comprehension strategy.
  4. It breaks down text to text, text to self, and text to world perfectly (something you will appreciate even more in Ped 2).
  5. You can use this book as one of your research sources because Susan Zimmerman pretty much invented all of this.
  6. It embeds children’s literature excerpts in the book to help you think more about a strategy as you read.
  7. It provides questions to ask students (or yourself) that go along with a particular strategy.