We have all heard the saying “You learn something new everyday!” right? Well this saying has never been more true in my life than this semester as I complete my student teaching. Each day I walk through the doors of my 5th grade classroom I learn something new; and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some lessons are very significant. In fact, I would say most new things learned are vital to my growth as a professional and an individual. However, there are a few times were the new things learned seem to serve a rather insignificant purpose.

Whether significant or insignificant, each day holds a new lesson to be learned.

Let’s take a look at today for example:

As my second period math class charged through the doors, a rather heated argument was under way. A few boys were in a loud debate, playing tug-a-war with “Yes they do!” and “No they don’t!” Seeking to bring order to the class, I immediately gave the “teacher look” and asked what all the fuss was about.


My students were debating whether or not penguins have knees. A legitimate question but not at all related to our math objectives for the class. Still, the boys could not rest until the answer was sure. And after hearing their clear reasoning and justifications for their stance, I myself was too distracted by this question to move on.


Off to Google we went to solve the great debacle.

And math class was finally able to begin.

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