Blazing a Trail in Teaching


Dear Future Ped2 Students,

You made it through Ped1! I know it was a challenge but I also know you learned A LOT and grew in BIG ways!

So now that you’ve made it through Ped1 you are probably asking yourself, “What is Ped2 like?” and , “Can I survive another semester like this one?” You’re in luck! I have the Top Ten List of things you need to know as you prepare for Ped2!

Keep calm and read on!

10. Get ready to get messy! This block involves science which is a blast but can also get a bit messy.

9. Keep your focus. Remember why you are working so hard. Remember how important each class is as you learn to be an educator.

8. Manage your time and do your work. DO NOT let the “smaller assignments” sneak back up on you at the end of the semester.

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