Montessori 4

When many people today think of a teacher, they think of someone who simply tells young people what they ought to be doing and what they ought to learn.

I used to think that. As an educator in Early Childhood for a number of years, I had never thought of my job as a guide in learning and life. I viewed it as a “teller” or “lecturer” responsible for teaching kids what they don’t know.

A mentor teacher of mine told me to remember just one word when I want to step out of my role as a guide and into a role of  a”teller”. She said to remember the word “resist.” When you want to tell your students what they should be thinking: resist. When your students are arguing and you want to solve their argument for them: resist.

This semester each of us are in different stages of our teaching careers but we can all resist. Resist the urge to be a teller.

Be a guide, not an obstacle.

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