Blazing a Trail in Teaching

An Inside Look Into the Teaching Program at UAB


July 2016

Lifelong Learner

Hello readers! It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close and we are all gearing up for the 2016 school year. As I am getting myself mentally and physically ready for my next step (student teaching!!!), I... Continue Reading →


Second Grade Life

After giving you a glimpse into my life as a second grade teacher this summer, I thought today I would let my students take the spot light! After all, it IS all about the students! Here is a glimpse into our classroom where... Continue Reading →

Ready, Set, Action!

The kiddos have worked hard to put together a play for their parents this week. When I first thought about being a teacher I never pictured "drama teacher". I mean, I can be dramatic but "teaching drama" is not my... Continue Reading →

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