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June 2016

If you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE coffee! What I love even more are the kids I teach, and I work hard to give it all I have. So, some days I just know that I will need... Continue Reading →


A Day in the Life

This week we get to know another student teacher from UAB as she takes us on a tour of her day to day life teaching at Glen Iris in Birmingham. Welcome to the blog, UAB student teacher Amanda Kizer. Don’t... Continue Reading →

Cooking is FUN

  Aren’t they the cutest little chefs you ever did see? Today we did some cooking and made yummy pancakes! My students loved measuring the ingredients and mixing them together then watching them cook and eating them up when they... Continue Reading →

  Field trip to the Golden Flake factory today. I knew it was a hit when one of my students proclaimed, as he stuffed his mouth with fresh, hot potato chips, “This is the best day of my life!”  #blazingatrailinteaching... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my classroom!

Welcome to my classroom! You have seen the messy desk so I thought it only fair for you to see the rest of our space!   This is our comfy reading area and library. Having a comfortable and inviting place... Continue Reading →

My current desk situation. #teacherprobs #ineedallthatstuff #organizedmess #tellyourteachingstory #blazinatrailinteaching #followtheUABdragonsinTEP #adayinthelifeofaUABstudentteacher #UABdeptofCI

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life of UAB Student Teacher Katie Watkins We kick off our series of “A Day in the Life” posts with honors student Katie Watkins. Today, we get to meet Miss Watkins and get to know a... Continue Reading →


Ah, summer. It's long awaited arrival is here and all around, people are abuzz with excitement about all their summer plans. For UAB Honors students, they are abuzz with excitement about what lies waiting for them this summer at the... Continue Reading →

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