Dear Future Ped2 Students,

You made it through Ped1! I know it was a challenge but I also know you learned A LOT and grew in BIG ways!

So now that you’ve made it through Ped1 you are probably asking yourself, “What is Ped2 like?” and , “Can I survive another semester like this one?” You’re in luck! I have the Top Ten List of things you need to know as you prepare for Ped2!

Keep calm and read on!

10. Get ready to get messy! This block involves science which is a blast but can also get a bit messy.

9. Keep your focus. Remember why you are working so hard. Remember how important each class is as you learn to be an educator.

8. Manage your time and do your work. DO NOT let the “smaller assignments” sneak back up on you at the end of the semester.

7. Prepare, prepare, PREPARE! When it comes to lesson plans, you can never prepare to much. It is better to have more than you need than not enough. Do this for you and especially for your students!
6. Be respectful. You may be in a classroom where the cooperating teacher does not have the same teaching beliefs as you. Work WITH them to incorporate what you have learned and what you believe and mesh it with theirs.

5. Take some time for yourself and just breathe! Teaching is a stressful job sometimes so treat yourself to some “you” time to recharge so you can give your best to your students.

4. Know your content! This block is all about the content. You will most likely be with upper grades where content can be more challenging. Always study your content so you can teach your students efficiently.

3. Read, read and RE-read everything from Ped1. You will finally start to see how everything we read about fits into the classroom. Keep those books and use them this semester and in your future classroom.

2. Be proactive, not reactive. Take the advice from your cooperating teacher and field supervisor during your observations to help you grow. They are there to support and encourage you. They also want you to become the best teacher you can be. You will be pushed at times but you will make it through.

1.ALWAYS be reflective. If your lesson went perfect: reflect on why it went so well and how you can apply it to future lessons. If your lesson was a major flop: reflect and ask yourself what changes you could make to the lesson to make it work. If you had an amazing discussion with a group of 4th graders about the Civil Rights Movement: reflect on how you can use it when you are planning your lessons. Bottomline: reflect EVERYday about EVERYthing you do as a teacher. It will only make you a stronger teacher!
Keep this list close as the fall draws near and you take that next step towards becoming a teacher!

Good luck!