Dear Future PED1 Students,
Congratulations for being accepted into TEP! You are in for a phenomenal learning experience here at UAB.

You’re probably wondering what TEP is really like and what you can expect this semester when you enter your first block of Pedagogy classes. You have come to just the right place to find out what you need to know as you start this amazing journey to becoming a teacher.

Check out this Top Ten List of things all Ped1 students need to know!
10. Remember learning is a process and does not truly end, it is continuous. Begin the semester with this in the front of your mind.

9. Stay focused. Pedagogy 1 will rock your world but just remember: you can do this.

8. Write down the inspirational/helpful/encouraging quotes that you read in our texts or hear in class. It can be so helpful to go back to that them throughout the semester and be reminded of those truths.

7. Go to your local library and get to know the librarians! They are a HUGE help when you need to locate books for class and for your lessons.

6. Read for fun! Take the time to look through the children’s section and pick out picture books to read.

5. Be willing to embrace constructive criticism not as a negative experience
but as some of the most helpful advice you could receive. Pedagogy 1 became
much more manageable when I released my ideas of perfection and embraced
that I had a lot to learn and humbly began that learning.

4. Read, read, read. I underestimated how much reading there would be and
how much I TRULY needed to do all of it. I found it helpful to mark out
time on my schedule where all I did was read and try to comprehend the

3. Ask questions if you don’t understand something. We have amazing resources in our professors waiting to help us learn!

2. Practice your lessons, be productive and ALWAYS be prepared!

1. Always be reflective. Ask yourself what you do well and what you can do to be better. You’re already awesome, but we ALL have room to grow! 🙂
Hope this helps get you ready for an amazing semester of learning and growing!

You are going to do AWESOME!