Blazing a Trail in Teaching

An Inside Look Into the Teaching Program at UAB


May 2016

Dear Future Student Teachers…

                                           Dear Future Student Teachers, You have made it to the final semester in your journey here at UAB! You... Continue Reading →


Dear Future Ped2 Students…

  Dear Future Ped2 Students, You made it through Ped1! I know it was a challenge but I also know you learned A LOT and grew in BIG ways! So now that you've made it through Ped1 you are probably... Continue Reading →

Dear Future Ped1 Students…

Dear Future PED1 Students, Congratulations for being accepted into TEP! You are in for a phenomenal learning experience here at UAB. You’re probably wondering what TEP is really like and what you can expect this semester when you enter your... Continue Reading →

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