Tired just tired

Well it’s officially at “that” point in the semester.

The point when we have spent every ounce of energy and brain power to finish up all our final assignments.

The point when no amount of caffeine can boost our energy.

The point when we can’t quite relax because we are waiting on grades to post.

The point when we start to think about how much we are actually going to miss coming to class each week.

The point when, even through the exhaustion that overtakes us, we start to think about what is coming next.

For some it will be student teaching or applying for jobs; for others it will be Pedagogy 2 classes or maybe it will be that first day of TEP in Pedagogy 1.

Whatever that next step is, we can’t help but think about it with excitement and eagerness as we get one step closer to walking the stage.

#nextstepsfortheblazers #endofthesemester