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Just the other day some classmates and I were talking about how society views teachers.

I’m sure you have heard it said or even said it yourself: “Teaching is just playing with kids all day. How hard is that?”

Or maybe that age old saying, “Those who can’t…teach.”

At UAB they are teaching us to be more than what society has labeled the profession of teaching. Each professor pushes on us to think deeper about our methods and our beliefs, encouraging us to step-up and change the way society views teachers by being the best teacher we can be. In this program we are challenged to make a commitment to be life-long learners, facilitators of inquiry based learning and reflective teachers who strive to improve their methods of instruction for the benefit of all students.

It’s a big job and it starts right here at UAB with my classmates, all the students who follow us, and ME!

They call us Blazers for a reason!

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