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April 2016

Dear Future Students…

Last week pre-service teachers at UAB launched  Instagram campaign #dearfuturestudents They began by snapping photos of themselves with a message to their future students who will one day fill the seats in their classrooms. However, for these UAB future teachers,... Continue Reading →


What’s Next?

The semester is coming to a close and plans are being made for what’s coming next. Maybe you are waiting on that acceptance email for TEP. Maybe you just finished the Pedagogy 1 block and are planning for a time... Continue Reading →


Well it’s officially at “that” point in the semester. The point when we have spent every ounce of energy and brain power to finish up all our final assignments. The point when no amount of caffeine can boost our energy.... Continue Reading →

Those who can’t…

Just the other day some classmates and I were talking about how society views teachers. I’m sure you have heard it said or even said it yourself: “Teaching is just playing with kids all day. How hard is that?” Or... Continue Reading →

Best Teacher Award

During fieldwork this semester I figured out the fastest way to become the best teacher ever: Give students a word problem during math. You might be thinking that this couldn’t possibly work. Well it did for me. I had students... Continue Reading →

Kid President

If you have never watched a Kid President video you MUST go to YouTube now and do so! He is a funny kid who gives the best inspirational and challenging talks for students and adults alike. During my fieldwork with... Continue Reading →

We Survived

  Fieldwork this semester proved to be challenging. There were many lessons we taught and many more lessons we learned. Some went just as planned and others….not so much. Once again, our limits were tested, our thinking was pushed on... Continue Reading →

  That is the face you get when a fourth grade student shows you up in math! I worked with 4th grade students this semester and one of the biggest things I learned is the importance of content knowledge. As... Continue Reading →

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