Welcome back! Today you are in for a special treat! This post comes to you courtesy of guest blogger LaMeca Spencer, a Pedagogy 2 student at UAB.


A few days ago I watched a program on BET called Black Votes Matter. On this show, hosts interviewed Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton with questions about different policies and their effects on the African American community. The questions covered employment and salaries, housing and home ownership, credit and small businesses, and education and imprisonment. During Clinton’s interview, she mentioned her concern about “the pipeline”, the rates at which African Americans go from school straight into prison. She linked how African American students are disciplined more harshly and pushed out of schools. As they discussed the epidemic, I thought to myself, “This happens way too often… I see this all of the time… I didn’t know a term had been coined for it!” But then I thought, “This is exactly why I decided to become a teacher”. Education is a fundamental stepping stone towards a successful future. I want to change statistics, society, communities. I want to change people. I want to change schools. In order to do all of this, I want to change kids’ classroom experiences. ALL students deserve skilled teachers who are committed to providing meaningful learning experiences.



To become a skilled teacher who serves ALL children, I wanted to be trained at a research-based university that is committed to best practices for the classroom. That is why I selected UAB’s Teacher Education Program. This program is of the highest quality because the instructors are experienced educators who push teacher candidates to be at their best for kids. Our instructors model and guide us in developing lessons that provide opportunities for all children to learn. In my field placements and methods courses I’ve had multiple opportunities to work with diverse students in a wide variety of school settings. Whether I work in a suburban, urban, rural or private school setting, I am certain that my experiences in this program will have prepared me to give my very best to any child… because ALL kids matter!





LaMeca Spencer is a single mother of 4 girls. She has always loved educating young people. After many years of working with children, she finally accepted her path to serve as an educator. She has an extreme passion for kids and giving them all that they deserve!